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Erasmic Shaving Cream (UK)
Erasmic Shave Stick (UK)

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Erasmic Shaving Soap (UK)

Erasmic does for soaps what they did for creams. Unlike the sticks and cream, the formula for the Erasmic soap has remained unchanged. Its rich glycerin base will be something you look forward to shaving with in the morning.

$7.50 USD

75 g






Of all traditional preparations for wet-shaving, Erasmic is the brand leader in sales by volume in shaving foam amongst independent pharmacies.
Erasmic dates back to the 1880s when it was owned by soap specialist, Joseph Crosfields of Warrington. In its early days, it comprised a wide range of floral soaps eventually expanding into perfumes and cosmetics. Later the name became synonymous with shaving soaps. Crosfields was eventually acquired by Lever Brothers (now Unilever) in the 1920s, and the massive Erasmic factory at Warrington was completed in 1923.
Keyline Brands acquired the Erasmic brand in 1994.