Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What do you offer in the way of a guarantee?
A: See here.

Q: I'm a foreign resident and I'm having problems placing my order. Please help!
A: The order process is pretty straightforward but it isn't all that intuitive I'll admit when it comes to filling in the address fields. Fill in your details according to the heading to the left. When you reach State or Province select your state or province of residence if you are in the USA or Canada. Otherwise select the blank field in the drop down menu. There is also an "Other" option but I really don't see a reason to use it as the drop down menu is comprehensive as far as I can tell. Continue entering your details until you come to the Country dropdown menu. If your country is listed select it and go on. If your country isn't listed contact me and I'll see if I can add it. Let me know if you need more help.

Q: Who do you get your products from?
A: Sorry but I won't answer this one for obvious reasons. This isn't so much an FAQ as an RAQ (Really Annoying Question) but I get it often enough. I've put a lot of time and effort into finding and negotiating with these suppliers to import the products on offer at Superlather so please don't ask me this question.

Q: I received a damaged shipment! What do I do besides cry like a baby?
A: See here.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: No. I'm aware that makes me look like the king of the cheapskates but there is a reason for it. My prices are pretty good to begin with, a LOT of work goes into importing these items, and I do try to compensate by offering top flight customer service. I also do occasional upgrades on the shipping class and throw in the extra item or two so I think that makes up for it--at least a little bit.

Q: Hey I placed an order and paid for USPS Priority Mail shipping and it came FedEx! Im not complaining--far from it--but I just wondered how that happened?
A: What can I say? Fred Smith and I are tight! Seriously, there are occasions when I can upgrade shipments to FedEx for about the same amount as shipping USPS. This doesn't happen often and the volume of FedEx shipping that I have done that month determines whether or not I can do it but when I can I do. There is no extra charge.

Q: Which browser will give me the most trouble free experience on your website?
A: Firefox. It's really the only one I test for. Opera is another excellent browser. I don't recommend IE unless you are a glutton for punishment. :-)

Q: How do I request a notification on out of stock items or order the decants?
A: For information about ordering decants please see the Decants page. If you have any questions contact me at help(at)superlather.com.


Q: What if you are out of an item that I order?
A: The Shopping Cart is not supposed to let you order items that are out of stock since I am using inventory controls now. In the event of a mishap I will notify you. I also display "Out of Stock" alerts on the static HTML pages. In this case a request for notification is the appropriate course of action if you wish to be assured of getting the product when it comes in stock.

Q: Why are you occasionally out of a product?
A: Well a variety of reasons really. This is a small, fledgling hobby/business at the moment. I keep limited amounts of product on hand. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding at the moment since I am the business's CEO and only employee! Some reasons are beyond my control regarding low product availability because the supplier may be able to only forward so much at a given time when I place my order. This is especially true of the Italian products.

Q: How do you ship?
A: It depends on the selection you make. You can choose from USPS or FEDEX at the moment.

Q: Will you ever assess additional shipping charges?
A: Only if you elect to receive your order in partial shipments using FedEx or UPS as a courier or if there is an error in the way your order was placed.

Q: How quickly do you ship?
A: Under normal circumstances, typically within 24-48 hours if your order comes in on a Monday-Thursday. If your order comes in on a Friday it will not ship until Monday. Federal holidays and religious observances will affect this schedule of course. If there is a significant delay I will notify you.

Q: Will you notify me when you ship?
A: Yes I will. You should receive an email with the tracking or delivery confirmation number but notify me if you don't.

Q: I'm a foreign resident. Am I out of luck?
A: No! My cart now automatically figures charges for several foreign countries. If for some reason your country isn't on the list of available destinations please contact me at help(at)superlather.com with your product interests and we will do our best to work it out.

Q: I'm female. Are any of your products suitable for the fairer sex?
A : Yes absolutely! The Gillettes are basically unscented for instance. Please contact me at help(at)superlather.com with any questions you might have and I'll be happy to assist.

Q: Can I suggest new product additions?
A : Yes you can. My decision to stock Floid was a customer suggestion. So was the Pitralon, Alt-Innsbruck, and La Toja line of products. The inclusion of the Noxzema shaving cream came about as the result of a customer inquiry as did the Proraso line.

Q: Can you get (insert product name)?
A : The answer to this one is...MAYBE! I don't mean to be facetious but not every UK supplier stocks every product that's sold in the UK. Same thing goes for the Italian suppliers. The reason they don't is the same reason I can't--you have to limit your product exposure at some point. That is to say you can't stock everything. I have an additional limitation in that this is a small sideline for me. I fund all of the orders myself and I can only stock what I know is likely to sell. I also can't spread myself too thin in the inventory I carry. I appreciate everyone understanding this. I do welcome your suggestions though and whenever possible I implement them.

Q: What is the difference between Floid Blue and Floid Regular? What do they smell like?
A: I get this one a lot in emails. Basically the Floid Blue has more menthol. As for how they smell, I won't answer this question. I'm not being obstinate it's just to do so would be doing you and the Floid a disservice. You need to give it a try (as with any cologne or aftershave) and see how it reacts to your chemistry and also see if your wife or girlfriend approves. That is the main reason I offer the decants.

Q: What is the difference in strength between the menthol creams?
A: Ok. This one has deserved it's own FAQ for a while now and I keep forgetting to do it. Basically this is how the menthol creams break down for me and I find that most of my customers agree although a few would shuffle the order somewhat.

Noxzema- Strongest menthol cream I've come across. It can literally open my sinuses. A very thick cream it may take a bit of practice to get the water/cream mixture right but it's worth it.

Ingram- Second strongest and some would say the strongest. Solid performer.

Proraso- Most of you are familiar with Proraso. It's menthol bite is fairly close to that of Ingram.

Palmolive Menthol- A very pleasant menthol cream with that distinctive Palmolive scent. Not quite as strong as Ingram.

Gillette Menthol- A very subtle but a very good menthol cream. Ranks just below the Palmolive in strength in my estimation but quickly builds a whopping lather. Underrated, as are most of the Gillettes I feel, but appreciated by those who decide to give them a try.

Q: Are any of the European Palmolives identical to the discontinued US Palmolives?
A: See the following page for an answer to this question.

Q: I love your service is there anything I can do to help?
A: YES!! Spread the word in the wetshaving forums and tell others. When you receive your order please post in the Superlather.com thread I've started in the Shopping or Vendor's subforum regarding Superlather.com and let others know you're satisfied and that you got what you came for. Alternatively, you can start your own thread in the same subforum.

Word of mouth is crucial to the success of this venture.

Q: Do you frequent any of the shaving forums and can I reach you there?
A: YES on both counts! I am PAYDEPST in all of the forums I belong to and you can reach me there anytime you wish. The wetshaving forums mentioned on my links page are great places to gather and exchange ideas and are the ones I personally recommend.