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All Superlather Ingram Blue tubes are stored under conditions that minimise the possibility of the cream separating over time. Please see the reviews page for
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Ingram Blue Label Shaving Cream (UK)

Excellent glycerin based mentholated cream that packs a serious cooling wallop in the morning. A fantastic way to wake up! This cream moisturises, invigorates, and leaves you feeling refreshed.


100 ml tube






Product review


This product is discontinued but NOS stock should be readily available
for some time to come. As of April 2, 2010 active production of this
product stopped about two years ago.


Ingram Green Label Shaving Cream (UK)

Excellent glycerin based mentholated cream that packs a serious cooling wallop in the morning. A fantastic way to wake up! This is the brushless formula of this British shaving standard. Does not lather but is still excellent either as is or as a pre-shave base with another cream. Be sure to read my review before passing this one up.


100 ml tube



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I have decided to leave the ad space for Noxzema intact on the Superlather website in spite of its no longer being in production. I am doing this for the wetshavers out there that enjoy researching the discontinued creams and also because it was an attempted group buy for Noxzema which in turn ultimately led to a successful group buy for UK products that gave rise to the humble enterprise you now see before you. So this is sort of a Noxzema homage if you will. It's a pity this fine cream is no more once again (first here in the US and now in Italy) but I feel it deserves a place of honour here at Superlather and now it has one. There was also a brushless variant of this cream which was discontinued as well. The livery colours on the brushless variant are reversed i.e. red circle around a blue Noxzema logo.






Noxzema (ITALY)

The classic Noxzema shaving cream. Noxzema was a potent mentholated cream with wonderful skin hydrating qualities. It quickly built a rich, face-freezing lather. A bit like sticking your face in liquid nitrogen, Noxzema was a little too much for some to handle. NOS stock still comes up for trade or sale in the wetshaving forums and on sites like Ebay from time to time. Noxzema stores well and is not prone to separation. Tubes that were manufactured towards the end of the production run were sealed by the manufacturer and have to be pierced prior to use.

150 ml tube

Noxzema is no longer in production. As of April 2, 2010 it has been a little over two years since the last tube was produced. I may have NOS stock from time to time and I will post on the website if I do. However the possibility of future NOS acquisitions is highly unlikely.










Now owned by Lornamead UK, Ingram shaving cream has been a fixture in medicine cabinets across the UK since 1932.
Known for its crisp menthol bite, Ingram continues to be a reliable standby for wetshavers looking for great lather and skin hydrating qualities.


Another shaving staple that began its journey stateside but sadly ceased production altogether a few years back in the US.
For a while it continued to be produced in Italy under special licence but has ceased production there as well. The faithful continue to seek it out for its lathering qualities, skin emollients, and its potent signature menthol punch.