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Shaving forums I frequent and recommend-

Currently these are the only forums I am active in and the only ones I personally recommend. I only post in the forums listed above as paydepst and you can reach me through them if you wish.

Another fine wetshaving website brought to you by the good folks at Straight Razor Place!

Looking for blades?

Can't get enough shaving in your day? Read Michael Ham's blog for your wetshaving fix--



Contact Information

If you need to reach me you now have two options--

1) You can send an email. This really is the best way to reach me and get a prompt response. I try to respond to all emails as quickly as possible and I DO read and respond to all of them so no worries there. I typically answer all emails within 24 hours or less of their arrival. You can reach me here--


Because of the nature of my job and travel commitments, I prefer to do most of my communications by email. I do read and respond to every email. Make certain that you do not send me an email without a subject in the heading though as I will discard these as spam without opening them. make your subject as specific as possible to prevent the possibility of it being discarded as spam.

2) You can also call me at 731.432.1178. This is my mobile and if I'm in the office I'll pick up and if I'm not just leave your name, number, and a good time to call you back. I'll return your call as soon as I am able. Again the quickest way to get a response from me is through the email address above.

You can also reach me through a PM in any of the forums listed above.

For "snail mail" communications or to send a payment please address it to:

Charles Mark Lackey
P.O. Box 411
Moscow TN 38057