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Shipping Information

PLEASE double check your return address on the Superlather order form and make sure it is correct and complete!!

I simply cannot overemphasise this enough. You are the only one that can prevent this sort of error!

REMEMBER I ship to the address shown on your Superlather order not the PayPal address!!




-------------SHIPPING UPDATES-------------


Notice for foreign customers...

If you desire a speedy delivery, I highly recommend you insure the parcel and select USPS Priority International. If speed is not of the essence, ship it USPS First Class International. If USPS First Class International is not available as an option it is because your order exceeds the upper limit of the weight range.


Notice for foreign customers regarding aftershaves...

Please contact me beforehand before ordering aftershaves if you have never ordered before. I may need to add your country to my address form parameters and certain countries havespecial regulations regarding their transport while others prohibit them altogether.




With the introduction of the new cart shipping is calculated based on the weight and distance the parcel has to ship. The rates you see quoted at checkout are real time rates from the vendor's website. This is a better arrangement for everyone concerned. The following shipping options will come up when you checkout:



I charge a handling fee of $2.00. This goes towards covering PayPal processing fees, purchasing essential supplies, and the like.

All parcels typically ship within 24-48 hours. The only exception to this is if an order comes in on Friday. Then it will not ship until Monday. Federal holidays affect this schedule. An email will be dispatched to you with a tracking number when I ship.

I welcome any questions about shipped parcels. Please understand I have no control over what happens after it leaves my hands but if a parcel is taking an unusually long time I will look into it and do my best.

Damaged shipment information

Well it happens--believe me! Here's what to do if yor Superlather care package arrives in tatters.

I recommend all orders be insured. The one exception being decant orders as I will replace damaged 4ml decants free of charge. I will only be able to honour claims on insured parcels if you follow the procedure outlined below--

If you receive a damaged or pilfered parcel, IMMEDIATELY report it to your local post office or the carrier of record. KEEP all of the physical evidence until the post office or carrier representative inspects it or gives you further instructions. Notify me via email. When possible I will dispatch a replacement order to you immediately although in a few rare instances I will not be able to replace your order until they pay out on the claim. In those cases I will issue an immediate refund while the matter is being sorted though. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in a denial of the claim.I apologise for the inconvenience.


Any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.




If you have any questions or problems please don't hesitate to contact me at