The Foolproof Wetshaving Technique

* You should begin by applying the lather to the face with a rotary movement of the brush. Keep the first two fingers of the hand dipped into the bristles as you do this. The purpose of this is to control the bristles and the pressure applied. The way you hold your brush should be comfortable to you. Your intent here is to get the lather applied whilst stimulating the skin and hair follicles.

* Once the beard has been covered thoroughly with the lather and using the tips of the fingers with a light rotating movement, proceed to work the lather into your beard. The amount of time required for this varies and depends on beard stiffness and density. Do not rush this phase of the process. Be willing to invest a few minutes of your time. After all this is your "ME" time...make it count!!

* Evenly wet a towel with hot water and wring it out. The towel should still remain wet, but not dripping wet.

* Place the towel so that it covers your entire beard. An effective time frame for the towel to remain in place should be about three minutes or so. Again do not rush this phase of the process as it is likely the most critical step in realising a quality shave. Another benefit of the heated towel is that it stimulates the flow of the sebaceous and sudoriferous glands in the skin, causing oils and sweat to rise to the surface and impart added lubrication for your razor.

* When removing the towel from the face, use it to wipe off any of the remaining lather. This will remove the dirt, hardened oil, and any dead skin cells that you may have loosened.

* You may now re-lather and begin your shave.