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A Very Brief History of Superlather

I added this page not because I'm an egomaniac and I think you've got nothing better to do than to wonder how came to be (although there is nothing wrong with that!) but to give some insight to those people that find their way here via ways other than the shaving forums I frequent. A number of my customers as it turns out have found my website and have yet to set a foot--virtually speaking--in a shaving forum. Hopefully the rest of you will find it interesting as well. Who knows my journey into traditional wetshaving may very well mirror your own.

My name is Mark Lackey and you can find me in all of the forums listed on my Links page as paydepst. It is funny how things work out really. If you had told me a few months before I started this enterprise that I would be an ardent DE wetshaver operating an online business catering to likeminded individuals I would have thought you mad. But here I am. and my venturing into DE wetshaving came about simply because I was looking for a better shave and a more economical alternative when it came to Mach 3 blades. The cartridge blades only held an edge for three shaves at the most for me and I was still having problems with razor rash and the occasional ingrown hair. I had been using a brush and cake soap (usually Colgate, Burma Shave, or the Williams brand) for some time and had solved the problems I had been having with the canned foam products. In addition to being wasteful (you run out of propellant long before you run out of foam) they also irritated my skin (that same propellant can be an irritant as well). The cake soaps in addition to being better for the environment and more effective were much cheaper as well. The blades remained an issue however. I tried all of the multi-bladed razors Gillette introduced but still came away disappointed. I even made a foray or two into the world of electric razors to no avail. Late one night whilst doing a Google search for vendors selling cartridge blades in bulk, I hit upon the idea of using a razor like my grandfather used to shave with. After a few more Google searches I hit upon a wetshaving forum and the rest as they say is history.

Well...almost. It took a little while to get grounded in DE lore and to get familiar with the different types of razors out there. The forum camaraderie was a real boon here and soon I felt bold enough to venture into the Buy Sell Trade subforum and try my hand at not only buying but selling as well. had its genesis in a group buy I organised for a number of the guys in the forum. It went splendidly and introduced me to several of the products I would eventually stock at Superlather. It was while fulfilling those orders that it occurred to me to do this same sort of thing on a more permanent basis. I had enjoyed sourcing the products, getting the orders together, and shipping them out. There was a need it seemed and I thought that if I applied myself I might be able to service that need in a modest way and afford others a wide selection of affordably priced products. The group buy had been a learning experience and I decided to put it to good use. With a limited range of UK products I launched initially as a forum post and began working on the construction of a website. I came up with a number of URLs (some of them quite silly in retrospect) but all were spoken for believe it or not. In desperation and fully expecting it to be taken as well, I typed in the domain search box and it returned available. I couldn't believe it! I thought that one would surely be long gone. Of course the term superlather has a special meaning to wetshavers and then there are the other positive connotations of the word "super" to trade on so I guess it was just meant to be.

That in a nutshell is how was born.

Fast forward a bit and I continue to add new products, tweak the website, and remain true to my focus of providing a good product and good service all at an affordable price. Most of the products I add are the direct result of customer input. Although is basically a hobby I continually strive to add to add to my stocks and enlarge my onhand inventory. This is a gradual process particularly with respect to the Floid aftershaves but I am making progress there as well.

So stay tuned and check in regularly. The best is yet to come and you don't want to miss out on that do you?

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